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Octus Suspension Lamp

Octus / Suspension

Inspired by by the symmetry and the arms of the octopus, Creativemary designers have created the Octus Suspension Lamp, a modern lighting piece with 24 brass arms that will give the perfect mood lighting for every moment.

This modern suspension lamp is part of the Nature Collection


diameter116 cm – 45.7″  D

width-depth-height130 cm – 51.2″  H


E27x 24

40 W

Material Information

Polished Brass, Aged Brushed Brass Body

Octus Suspension Lamp
Octus Suspension Lamp

Design Inspiration

The octopuses are some of the highest intelligent, symmetric and complex creatures of the ocean. Inspired by the symmetry and the arms of the octopus, Creativemary developed Octus modern suspension lamp. The term Octus is a short name for the word octopus. The Octus suspension lamp features 24 brass arms, creating the shape of several tentacles. This imposing, memorable and modern suspension lamp will shine bright in any contemporary living space.





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