The stunning natural beauty event of the Almond trees blooming makes everybody surrender to its calm and fairy tale sensations. The landscape is covered with white and pink flower tones, similar to the snow fall.

Falling in love with this peculiar tree, Creativemary designers conceived the Almond wall lamp to bloom in your décor space. Highlighting the natural shape of the Almond Tree, the brass shades personify the beautiful flowers, while the details in a matte milky white glass, the delicious almonds. Take in the gracious sight of the almond tree blossoms at home with this nature-inspired Wall Lamp.

Technical Details


Width A: 25 cm – 9.8”
Width B: 26 cm – 10.2”
Width C: 18 cm – 7.1”

Depth: 15 cm – 5.9”

Height A: 24 cm – 9.4”
Height B: 26 cm – 10.2”
Height C: 36 cm – 14.2”


Body – Brass

Shade – White Glass


G4 X 1

40 Watts

Almond Wall Lamp in detail

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Creativemary fuses glass and metalwork through traditional craftsmanship techniques. The Almond Table Lamp contains art, sophistication and crafts along with the collection element that is inspired by. Creativemary’ s mission is to conceive the perfect mood lighting piece for every moment.

The Almond Table Lamp is handmade in the unbeaten town of Portugal, Porto. In a century that fast fashion and mass production are increasing daily, Creativemary pretends to keep the manufacture by hand to protect the Portuguese heritage and the craft culture. So, we are promoting all the art crafted techniques developed through the last centuries by expert local artisans.