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Palm Wall Lamp

Palm/ Wall

Loved by many people wishing to have the tropical plants’ magic as part of their home, the fan palm tree is one of the most suitable for interior spaces. This inspired Creativemary to design the Palm Wall Lamp.

This modern wall lamp is part of the Nature Collection


width-depth-height30 cm | 11.8”  W

width-depth-height10 cm | 3.9”  D

width-depth-height39 cm | 15.4”  H


G9 x 4

40 W

Material Information

Polished, aged brushed and oxidized brass body with Pink Estremoz marble details

Palm Wall Lamp

Design Inspiration

Reminding us of dense forests, tropical plants are a sight to be seen in various places around the world. Famous for its exotic leaves and inspiring Creativemary to take the joy of nature to your room, the fan palm tree is enormously sensitive and kind, leading to the creation of the Palm Wall Lamp. With a circular-shaped structure, its silhouette is expanded through uneven oxidized, aged brushed and polished brass stripes, as if they’re dancing to a windy song. Giving it a sophisticated touch, the center is in pink Estremoz with little spheres of polished brass surrounding it. This piece will live forever in your luminous, outstanding home décor.





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