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Black Widow II Wall Lamp

Black Widow II / Wall

Inspired in the heartless predator, Black Widow II Wall Lamp was created by Creativemary designers with its organic gold plated brass structure and the geometric connection to the lacquered glass shades.

This contemporary wall lamp is part of the Nature Collection


width-depth-height15 cm – 5.9″  W

width-depth-height30 cm – 11.8″  D

width-depth-height40 cm – 15.7″  H


E14 x 1

40 W


Material Information

Brass Body With Glass Shade

Black Widow II Wall Lamp

Design Inspiration

The Black Widow, the master of the art of weaving and heartless predator, has strongly inspired our designers to develop the Black Widow Family. Emerging exquisite contemporary lamps into sensory pieces of extreme elegance. Made of gold-plated brass with a geometric connection to the lacquered glass shades, this wall lamp is the piece you’re looking for.
Black Widow II Wall Lamp has an almost lethal, elegance, influenced by the Stilnovo movement, this modern wall lamp will be perfect to light up your entry hall or even your modern living room.


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