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Willow Floor Lamp

Willow / Floor

Inspired by the Willow Tree, Creativemary designers created Willow Floor Lamp that features green Guatemala marble and bronze mirror.

This modern Floor lamp is part of the Nature Collection


width-depth-height41 cm – 16.1″  W

width-depth-height43 cm – 16.9″  D

width-depth-height180 cm – 70.9″  H


E27 x 6

40 W

Material Information

Polished brass Body with Verde Guatemala marble and bronze mirror Shade

Willow Floor Lamp
Willow Floor Lamp

Design Inspiration

Taking the Willow Tree as inspiration, Creativemary designed the Willow Floor Lamp, which will adapt to any atmosphere you desire to use it in. The Willow Tree is part of the most imponent and poetic flora in the world. Its symbolism is connected to centuries of history and culture, having even been the cure for many aches since time immemorial. Without ever breaking, this tree’s benches can bend and adapt so well to their environment that they can easily overcome extreme weather conditions. Even though its aspect looks like it is crying, the Willow Tree is an emblem of strength, resilience and balance. The Willow Floor Lamp is made of green Guatemala marble and bronze mirror. It has a brass body, as well as its details, and will adapt, like its inspiration, to any given atmosphere from a contemporary to a more vintage style.





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