Suspension Lamps inspired by Nature that will shine bright your modern home

Nature’s beauty is outstanding. The natural shapes, smooth and dazzling colors, the lovely scents… it’s amazing.

Combining the great artistic minds with the splendor of mother nature’s design can have wonderful results. For this reason, we would like to show you our Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps.

Creativemary presents you a list with 6 of the most beautiful Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps with great natural design.

Mama Cloud by Frank Gehry

Do you know that feeling of staring at the sky in the open field? This suspension lamp will not only make you feel in the outdoors. But also, will blow a breeze of fresh style into your décor.

Another key point, its design is never the same, it’s unique. The variety of forms it can have, will depend on what kind of mood you want to set in your room. Definitely, imagination is your limit when Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps are created.

Nature inspired suspension lamps
Nature inspired suspension lamps

Berries by Creativemary

Calmness, splendor, luxury… all in one piece. The Berries, inspired by the fruit itself, will gently make you feel like you’re taking a walk trough the summer breezes. In other words, it’ll provide you that vibe of enjoying the sun and feeling the warm ground beneath your feet.

It will most certainly fill the room with joy with this lightened ambiance. With this in mind, let the wind of modern décor invade your house.


Koura by David Trubridge

In the Maori language, Koura is the name for the small fresh water shrimps that live in New Zealand rivers. Koura, the light, is a Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps inspired by the woven baskets used to catch the shrimps. Especially, it’s a simple yet sophisticated design. Its structure resembling wood, allows light to spread on different spots. As a result, it causes a cozy and at the same time “in the wild” sensation.

Nature inspired suspension lamps
Nature inspired suspension lamps

Petal by Creativemary

One of the most usual ways to bring nature into your house is by having flowers. Their natural beauty can easily make tranquility blossom in any room. That’s why Creativemary brings us a contemporary piece of lighting inspired by these little treasures of nature.

The Petal Suspension Lamp is an astonishing art piece that will keep your space simple, elegant and floral. Definitely a Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps piece, there’s no mistake about it.



Murano by Mazzega

This is one of the Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps inspired by the cold winter and its snow. Its frosty appearance makes it a chilly addition to your décor. Plus, it has class and finesse. If you didn’t know, ice is a symbol of lust, royalty, richness. In that case, now it’s easy to bring that personality to your space with this fine lighting piece.

Nature inspired suspension lamps
Nature inspired suspension lamps

Bamboo by Creativemary

It was believed for several years in Asian Mythology that humanity emerged from bamboo sterns. Is there a better way to honor this belief than to let it light up and be a part of your décor? This contemporary lamp will make you feel in touch with nature as you contemplate its natural, fine and organic-look design.

Welcome sophistication into your house, turn it into a more warm and pleasant environment. To put it differently, let the art of nature itself flow through. Live a part of the world, inside the comfort of your room, beneath the light of one of Creativemary’s suspension lamps.

What’s your opinion about our selection of Nature Inspired Suspension Lamps? We are totally in love with all of them so that if you want to keep inspired stay tuned in our blog.

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