5 Dazzling Tall Lamps for Living Room Designs

Tall lamps for living rooms are elegant pieces that provide an unique decorative element and a  comfort feeling to any decor. Sometimes as a decorative and sometimes as a functional item, the tall lamps are able to stand on their own and make a distinct impression, even when they are not being used.

A striking floor lamp can be a living room feature in itself – adding height, colour and character to a room –  or it can be a more subtle addition, blending in to the furnishings and fittings. This type of lighting can work as the solution for small spaces with low ceilings. Because when placed near to low furniture, the tall lamp calls attention to the true height of the space.

We’ve put together in here 5 tall lamps favorite models, ranging from practical options for living rooms or specific purposes to art-filled pieces that will be the center of attention of any living room. And the best part? All of these lamps are exclusive designs from @Creativemary_lighting.

So check bellow and get inspired!

Here’s a tripod floor light that maintains a subtle and discreet base. Creativemary designers created this famous design as a minimalist answer to the overly complicated styles invading the market. If you’re looking for something authentic, this can be your missing piece.

Tall lamps for living room-cm4

Modernist tall lamps are as artistic as practical. These lamps are available in a variety of finish combinations so you can mix and match to suit your interior style.

Tall lamps for living-rooms-cm

If you are looking for something simple to light up a desk, table or sofa, linears tall lamps definitely have its reach. With low energy consumption and accessible to operate, ideal for strong lighting, but at the same time soft.

Tall lamp for living room cm2

This contemporary tall lamp finds itself featured in a plenty luxury interiors all over the globe. Featuring sophistication and refinement, and involving any space into a magical and luxurious interior design set.

Tall lamps for living room-cm

This type of layered tall lamps features a contemporary form with a polished subtly surface for a modern clean appeal. Including its a brass structure that is a wonderful complement to many of today’s top modern design trends.

Tall lamps for living room-cm96

Choosing the right shade is also important. A semi-translucent shade is ideal for softer ambient light, while if you want to highlight a wall or ceiling feature then go for an opaque shade, as these are better for decorative accent lighting.

As we all know, living rooms are one of the most utilized spaces and we must take all steps to make these look stylish. Proper tall lamps on living rooms spread a cheerful mood. Hence, it is imperative that you choose tall lamps that bring liveliness and freshness to your living room. When speaking of lighting fixtures, tall lamps are the best bet to bring about any positive changes to your living room

What’s your opinion about Tall Lamps for Living Rooms? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décor. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.

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