6 Adorable Bedside Reading Lamps To Add In Decor

Bedside reading lamps are ideal to improve your reading moment before sleep, after a busy day of work, and many other tasks. Since there is nothing better than relaxing with a good reading in the comfort of your room, isn’t it?
Therefore the best bedside reading lamp is the one that has a spotlight and is bright enough to illuminate your space. Preventing you from straining your eyes while reading. But at the same time, it needs to be soft enough to not harm your (or your partner’s) sleep cycle.

That is why bedside lamps are designed to be angled for precision lighting through customizable lighting. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available, so we have selected 6 of Creativemary’s best bedside lamps in a wide range of styles, from simple designs that offer soft ambient lighting to bright adjustable options to illuminate your reading moment. There’s something here for every that will help transform your room into a calm oasis.

Bedside Reading Lamp With Dual-Switch

Bedsidereadinglamps cm

The Black Widow Table Lamp is two-in-one that decor-obsessed readers will love. Featuring a dual-switch operation, this light comes with an attached gooseneck reading lamp, providing a direct light source for those who need to read just one more chapter.

Flexible Bedside Reading Lamps

Bedside reading lamp-cm

This is for mid-century modern lovers! With a distinctive design, the Nomad Table Lamp is a haven for the movement’s contemporary designs. Featuring smooth curves and lines, this is the reading light you can’t miss. An elegant way to brighten up your night and your book pages.

Bedside Reading Lamps With Mixed Materials

Bedside reading lamp-cm (1)

A part of art, a part of a lamp, the Fo Tan table lamp is a peculiar and adorable choice. With a mix of materials such as marble and metal, this lamp was designed to have a dual function as a light source and decorative accessory.

Minimalist Bedside Reading Lamp

Bedside reading lamp-cm (2)

The Mitte Table Lamp is the perfect bedside reading lamp for those looking for a table lamp with minimalist design and small dimensions. It has a clean design that allows you to adjust the folding gooseneck to personalize your reading experience.

Bedside Reading Lamp With Contemporary Design

Bedside reading lamp-cm (3)

With a contemporary appearance design, the Brera bedside reading lamp transmits softer lighting due to its covered structure. The metal tripod base is practical and refers to the floor lamp model, being represented as a miniature.

Bedside Reading Lamp With Vintage Design

Bedside reading lamp-cm (5)

Elegant and simple, the Noho table lamp has an adjustable head that makes positioning easily. While its metal contact point offers an inclination that favors the focus for lighting. In addition its elegant vintage design and high-end finish makes it a stunning decor element.

Whether you prefer to unwind in the evening with a good book, play games on your phone, or catch up on the day with your partner, the right bedside lighting can make all the difference. Your choice of lamp should be more than just beautiful – it should also feature the right form and functionality for your purposes.

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What’s your opinion about the Bedside Reading Lamps? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décors. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.