Interior Design Trends for 2020

Interior Design Trends for this year presents a very different choices of decoractions for your décor with very colors, a natural touch and a sofisticated space.

Therefore, Creativemary presents here the interior design trends for 2020.

#Trend Colors

This year the warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones are the tendecy, like shades of pink, soft peachy corals, terra cotta and the golden yellow tones.

Interior Design Trends - Colors

Pieces featured: Louis Armchair; Capony Table

#Monochromatic Room

Monochromatic can be use with colors like orange or even aubergine to have a monochromatic living room.

The result is a room that’s full of personality and elegance.

Interior Design Trends

Pieces featured: Farrah Sofa; Brompton Lamp

#Susteinable Spaces

Sustainability is a very important point.

This is being reflected in an overall design sensibility as well as a desire to bring earthy elements to a space.

Create a perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.

Interior Design Trends - Rattan

#Patterned Everything

The suggestion for this year is to mix patterns of different styles.

Pattern, are becoming more prevalent for projects design.

The key to this trend is that there aren’t any rules and you can use any pattern you like with different colors.

Interior Design Trends - Patterns

Pieces featured: Bambo Lamp; Anita Seat; Capony Table;

#Curved Furniture

For 2020 home decor trend will transport you back to another decade. A modern twist and a focus on line and curve.

The Curved sofas and high-back armchairs in gorgeous rich velvets and make a statement even in the most simple of spaces.

The simple detail of a colorful and curved sofa makes a difference in any living room.

Interior Design Trends - Curves

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What’s your opinion about these Interior Design Trends? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décor. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.




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