5 Best Lighting Brands Exhibiting in IDF OMAN

IDF Oman is a renowned event for the quality of its trade exhibitions. In order to facilitate the participation of its exhibitors, the company offers a full suite of services ranging from travel to accommodation bookings. Also, they provide stand design and construction, logistics support as well as marketing and promotional solutions.

You can definitely expect to see the latest products regarding decoration, lighting, furniture. Notably, all of this developed with great levels of expertise and finesse.

So, we would like to present you some of the finest art pieces you’ll be able to see at IDF Oman.

Granville Wall Lamp by Creativemary

Set your eyes in the beautiful Granville Wall Lamp and let yourself be astonished. Not only by the sense of culture but also the finesse it emanates from its contemporary look. It’s perfect for modern interiors because of its stylish gold-plated brass and nickel, involved by the black lacquered brass ribbon. Just turn your ambiance into a calm and creative place just like the Granville Island itself. This piece was at IDF Oman

Idf oman granville wall lamp
Louis bar chair 500x500 1

Louis Bar Chair by Ottiu

This fine chair will dance its artsy style into the frequency of your interior. In fact, it was inspired by the sweet and passionate vibration of Louis Armstrong, the jazz musician. It’ll definitely dance to the sounds of finesse and richness. Upholstered in green velvet and contrasting golden piping, this art piece makes a classic design.

Kelly Bar Chair by Ottiu

A glossy black structure, finished with a delicate touch of gold, reminds us of the eternal beauty of Grace Kelly. Named and inspired in the actress itself, this piece of décor features elegant legs in glossy black. Besides, the back of the modern century furniture piece recreates Kelly’s thin waist in smooth mustard velvet. 

Kelly bar chair 500x500 1
Nebula side table

Nebula Side Table by Malabar

Beautifully and carefully crafted, the Nebula Side Table is the result of a natural ornament of the Brazilian rosewood and it could be seen at IDF Oman.

Supported by elegant polished in brass legs, the piece itself appears to come down right from space. Certainly astonishing, simple and yet bold for your modern interior and ambiance. Surprisingly, e could say it’s an out of this world piece of art.

Melodie Mirror by Malabar

The rhythmic patterns heard at the beginning of the baroque music are reiterated many times throughout it. The Melodie modern mirror strives to transmit a feeling of continuity and harmony with its handcrafted baroque ornaments. As a result, a completely handmade statement piece for both classic and contemporary spaces.

Melodie mirror by malabar at idf oman 500x500 1

What’s your opinion about our IDF Oman finest pieces ? We are totally in love with all of them so that if you want to keep inspired stay tuned in our blog.

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