Find Out The Exciting Kelly Wearstler Lamps

Today we will talk about the Kelly Wearstler Lamps, the designer that’s one of the biggest and best known of the last years, who also has a brand that covers several products from different categories for interior design, among them, beautiful pieces for interior lighting. According to Kelly Wearstler, she already use to made custom lighting for her projects and due to this fact, she decided to create and commercialize her own lighting ideas, as well as experimenting new possibilities for her products designs.

Kelly wearstler- lamps -by-creativemary
Kelly wearstler lamps-by-creativemary

Melange desk lamp – by Kelly Wearstler

Affinitym Medium Dome table lamp – by Kelly Wearstler

With a unique style and authentic designs, Kelly Wearstler continues to win our attention for her ability to innovate in the way that she not only design her projects, but also creates products with formats and mix of materials in such a different and attractive way. Kelly Wearstler lamps collection incorporates her characteristic and typically knock out style, with an extensive and attractive line for visual comfort with ceiling lamps, sconces and floor and table lamps.

Kelly wearstler-lamps-by-creativemary

Ranging from Art Deco to mid-century design and through pop and California cool, all Kelly Wearstler lamps are unified by beautifully articulated details. Handcrafted finishes and a heavy material palette in alabaster, bronze and brass. According to the designer, the Kelly Wearstler line goes in several directions, but it’s not schizophrenic, it’s just more like a set of all the things that inspire her.

So, do you want to know our favorite Kelly Wearstler lamps? Keep reading! In here we selected some Kelly Wearstler lamps from each category, to make you get inspired and fall in love!

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Table Lamps

Kellywearstler lamps by creativemary5

With a truly architectural presence, with its truncated geometry and monolithic, fluted base. This Kelly Wearstler lamp features ribbed ceramic in Porous White or Crystal Bronze glazing with a Burnished Brass shade. An inspiring design throught robust geometries shapes and mixed natural materials.

Kellywearstler lamps by creativemary

Wall Lamp

This iconics sconces, from Kelly Wearstler lamps line, converges with modern designs and minimalist forms. Kelly Wearstler lamps are available in bronze, burnished brass or polished nickel with etched crystal lenses and is rated for damp locations.

Kellywearstler lamps by creativemary6

These Kelly Wearstler lamps deftnily emanate simplistic modernism inspired by the pure interaction between lines and curves. Just stunning!

Kellywearstler lamps by creativemary3

Ceiling lamps

Pairing a sculptural morphology with a crisply chiseled lens, these chandeliers celebrate beauty in the anomalous. Featuring multi-directional light with subtles light-wash effect down in each arm.

Kellywearstler lamps by creativemary7

The kelly Wearstler lamps evoke a modern fusion of distinctive forms with a sophisticated and soulful vibe.

Kellywearstler lamps by creativemary10

Appareil Medium Lantern – by Kelly Wearstler

Floor Lamps

Highlighting the beauty of mixed materiality in bold geometric forms, the floor lamp is a stunning piece that conquers the attention. Kelly really know how to harmonize shapes and materials without loosing its grace. Her pieces keep being classy and minimalista and that modern touch.

Kelly wearstler-lamps-by-creativemary

What’s your opinion about the exciting Kelly Wearstler lamps? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décor. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.

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