Top 5 Design Hotel for 2019 - Architectural Digest - Luxury World

There are 21 interior-design hotel projects on the list for the inaugural Architectural Digest. Being that, we rounded up our top 5 of the best design hotels for 2019 presented on that list, that you should definitely visit. Today, we take a look at the best hotel interior and architecture of 2019 that we’re sure it…

Luxury travel destination

The summer vacations are coming and we leave here some luxury travel destination suggestions, where you can relax, have fun and get inspired. Don’t now which place do you want to go? We will help you. If you look for romantic vacations and you like to spend your time on the beach with blue sea…

Incredible Contemporary Chandeliers

Since humanity discovered the joys of traveling, hotels became a must in the world. But not just for sleep. It became about comfort, feeling good, allowing the guests to have a different experience from their daily lives. We can say that building a hotel turned into an art, and decoration takes a serious role on…



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