Superb Hanging Lamps For Living Rooms

Hanging lamps in a living room can add an unexpected touch of style and design to any décor. Nowadays, the market offers so many options that you can easily find one that is perfect in your space.

Tha’ts why the choice of hanging lamps needs to be made in proportion to your space and complementary to the aesthetics. Therefore, you need always to consider ways to work with your hanging lamps in order to make sure that you have the perfect layered lighting.

Hanging lamps - bohld side table - cm

You can use shapes, finishes and groupings of various unexpected hanging lamps to really update your living room decor. Keep reading and learn more!

Choose The Model That Suits Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality when choosing a hanging lamp for your living room. Make sure the light is functional, if you need more downlighting or diffused ambient light. Then find the hanging lamp that perfectly matches with your environment.

Hanging lamps - helsinki suspension lamp in a wooden interior with velvet armchairws

Organic Shapes

For a unique look, you can also mix pendant lamps in your living room. Choosing similar but not identical accessories, or even grouping multiple suspended lights together. The secret is to choose accessories with similar shapes but different colors. And placing them at different heights to add an organic touch to your decor.

Hanging lamps - cm - hera suspension lamp

Casual Elegance

Choose a pendant with a chandelier design and brass details that will work as diffusers for multidimensional light. Beyond adding a glamorous touch. Positioned on a coffee table in the center of a seating group, this type of accessory will add a dramatic feel to any type of aesthetic.

Hanging lamps - andros suspension lamp-ambient

Modern Arrangements

Pendants are a great addition to your living room decor. For a modern look, choose large pendants with interesting glass globes. Grouping three or more hanging lamps at varying heights and using unique lamps to increase the design factor.

Hanging lamps - tortona suspension lamp - cm

Sculptural Shine

Used alone or in an arrangement of two or more, a bent sculptural hanging lamp is a unique way to provide softly diffused ambient lighting. Without any unpleasant glare. So if you choose to install more than one, the ideal is to keep the height and distance between the pendants proportional to your space.

Hanging lamps - berlin suspension lamp

What’s your opinion about Hanging Lamps? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décor. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.

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