10 Iconic Lights Design That Will Enhance Any Environment

When we talk about iconic lights design, there are few factors that come to mind. The first is how the design of the lamp interacts with light, through bold shadows or interactive frames. The second is a little more complicated. Hence truly iconic lights design must transcend the era in which it was created, finding resonance with the future audience as an eternal timeless design piece.

The variety of multi-shade systems designed to reduce glare and enhance illumination has become increasingly creative, authentic and innovative. Thus we gathered 10 iconic lights by @creativemary_lighting who bought all of this. Check bellow and get inspired:

Table Lamps

Along with a meticulous handmade brass structure and geometric shape, this iconic light shades will look sublime on top of a desk or bedside table. The Nomad table lamp features a midcentury-style based in a flexible structure which can be rotated from side to side. The juxtaposition between the ultra-modern shade and the ribbed pillar makes a dramatic table lamp. That’s ideal to use in bedrooms, offices spaces and living areas.

Iconic lights nomad table lamp
Iconic light nomad table lamp

Wall Lamps

Featuring modern iconic lights design this sconces have never lost their appeal, being as functional as beautiful. Silo wall lamp is the iconic light that presents soft, warm illumination wherever you place it. Furthermore they’re perfectly suitable for Nordic-inspired homes and minimalist interiors alike.

Iconic lights silo wall lamp by creativemary
Iconic lamp silo wall lamp

Floor Lamps

Iconic lights almond floor lamp
Iconic lights almond floor lamp

Whether decorating a living room or bedroom, iconic lights provide an unique decorative element and a sense of drama. The floor lamps are especially helpful in small spaces with low ceilings. While other furnishings may be squat or low to the ground, a tall lamp draws attention to the true height of the space.

Karlin floor lamp
Iconic lights karlin floor lamp

The Karlin floor lamp by @creativemary_lighting is a functional lighting piece, ideal for perfect moments of contemplation. Aggregates a  table supported by a brass structure with two lacquered aluminum shades. It’s a type of iconic lights that beyond bright your space works as well as a mid-century modern side table for your delightful living space.

Pendant Lamps

The combination between space-age styling and glamorous Art-Deco finishes make iconic lights. Through stunning pendant lights that are suitable to use in both residential or commercial projects.

Hera pendant lamp
Hera pendant lamp

Suspension Lamps

This iconic light will be a talking point in your home for years to come. Imbued with the hallmarks of excellent design and made using the finest materials, this suspension lamps is durable and built to last. Suitable also for commercial use and domestic applications.

Tortona suspension lamp
Tortona suspension lamp

CreativeMary is an exclusive lighting brand based in Portugal that designs and manufactures exclusive artisanal lamps. Our expert production is one of the few in Europe that still combinesglass and metal work craftsmanship. CreativeMary presents unique and avant-garde lighting pieces inspired on the vastand fascinating world, always with akeen eye for the perfect mood lighting for every moment.

What’s your opinion about Iconic Lights? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décor. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.

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