Cacti, belonging to the succulent family, exhibit a remarkable adaptation to thrive in the deserted regions of America. Their distinctive characteristics include thick, fleshy stems, often adorned with spiny projections that provide a singular charm appearance.

Creativemary designers conceived the stunning Cactus Wall Lamp inspired by the striking and intricate forms of the cactus plant.

Crafted from metal and featuring white glass lampshades, this unique lighting fixture captures the organic essence of the cactus. The body of the Cactus Wall Lamp is shaped like a cactus stem that catches the light and casts intriguing shadows on the walls.

Technical Details


Width: 11.6 cm | 4.6”

Depht: 11.5 cm | 4.5”

Height: 73 cm | 28.7”


Body – Laquered metal, White glass



Cactus Table Lamp in detail

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Creativemary fuses glass and metalwork through traditional craftsmanship techniques. Cactus Wall Lamp contains art, sophistication and crafts along with the collection element that is inspired by. Creativemary’ s mission is to conceive the perfect mood lighting piece for every moment.

The Cactus Wall Lamp is handmade in the unbeaten town of Portugal, Porto. In a century that fast fashion and mass production are increasing daily, Creativemary pretends to keep the manufacture by hand to protect the Portuguese heritage and the craft culture. So, we are promoting all the art crafted techniques developed through the last centuries by expert local artisans.