Top 06 Fascinating Lighting Designers

Nowadays the lighting designers created chandeliers, pendants and other types of lamps that are so beautiful that become a sculpture in their own right. This is thanks to the development of high-tech materials and LEDs. Which have made lighting design a creative force to be reckoned with.

For this reason, in this article we bring together lighting designers and their works that transcend the barrier between handcrafts and art. Standind out for their creativity on lighting spaces in a unique way full of personality.


Extraordinarily creative and with a scandinavian design style, Tom Dixon is between the most known lighting designers. His work is considered beautiful and totally out of the ordinary. One of the lighting designer most famous works is the Melt lighting family. Which is known for its exuberant originality, being a true art-work and gaining prominence in any decor space.

Most known lighting designers-tom dixom
Most known lighting designers-tom dixom


Niamh Barry is between the most famous lighting designers for designing “light sculptures”. Her pieces follow an independent art, with LEDs running along all the edges. The lighting designer creates lamps that represent balance, shape and movement. According to Niamh Barry, her lighting pieces are driven by the desire to create a sense of gender and physicality expressed through the line.

Most known lighting designers-niamh barry
Most known lighting designers-niamh barry

 You can see that the lines speak throw and define the tone and shape of each piece. With this, the lighting designer designs lamps that are similar to sculptures. Creating a relationship between the viewer, the piece and the space.


Gianluca Pacchioni is one of the known lighting designers for creating lighting and sculptures in metal. This lighting designer creates objects with the illusion of lightness and movement using the heaviest materials. His goal is to create the feeling that heavy materials can also be light. As an example, the light Anemone that looks like a delicate piece, but weighs an astonishing 270 kg.

Most known lighting designers-gianluca pacchioni
Mos known lighting designers-gianluca pacchioni


In contrast to other lighting designers, Georgia Scott is the lighting designer who works with light materials such as paper, wire mesh, oven-heated glass and fiber optics. Producing organic objects that flow and float.

Most known lighting designers-georgia scott
Most known lighting designers-georgia scott

Her clients range from the Institute of Molecular Science, through the Royal Academy of Arts, to the Brit Awards. Working mainly by orders, her Spike light is one of her most known pieces.


Studio Dennis Parren describes himself as a multidisciplinary lighting designer that focuses on using natural and artificial light as design material. Thus, the exquisite lighting designer’s work is based on the nature of white light. Which is actually made up of the entire color spectrum.

Most known lighting designers-dennis parren

Parren’s CMYK lamp casts prismatic shadows and its structure complements delicate wire sculptures forming colorful patterns. Invited to create at Biennale St Etienne in 2015. His works Gradients and Reflections showed how light can be graduated and reflected back in exquisite colors.


Like many of the lighting designers, Vezzini & Chen show how collaboration can produce wonderful results. Formed in 2013, Cristina Vezzini and Sheng Tsang Chen were united by a shared love for nature. Their work combine ceramics and glass to create sculptural lighting pieces. What creates a dramatic atmosphere.

Most known lighting designers-vezzini and chen
Most known lighting designers-vezzini and chen

The Radiolaria luminaire offers fine porcelain microbial shapes that shine in a tall elegant vase. While the Mirage piece features a shiny ceramic core surrounded by a glass pendant.

What’s your opinion about the Most Known Lighting Designers? We are totally in love with all of these deluxe décor. So, if you want to keep being inspired by the most recent décor trends or glamorous interior design stay tuned to our blog.