Amy Lau Interior Design Projects

Amy Lau Interior Design Projects are a reflection of artistic sensibility and a spirited environment.

Has a reverence for the inherent beauty of natural materials, landscapes, and thoughtfully incorporates elements of each in her projects.

Amy’s portfolio of luxurious residential interiors includes an array of artistic and sophisticated homes throughout the world.

From West Chelsea arts district, New York-based designer Amy Lau brings imagination and energy to furnishings, fabrics, and installations.

Inspired by her passion for Nature but also abstract art, she combines expressive color with soft, organic shapes.

Amy’s aesthetic embraces both art and design, where each personalized space is enlivened with dynamic mixes of vintage and contemporary pieces.

Amy lau interior design pojects


#East End Avenue Residence

Amy lau interior design - residence

A perfect living room for a pair of art collectors to showcase their vast collection

And to enhance the natural beauty of the space but always with a unique touch.

#Chicago Residence

Amy lau interior design - residence

The celestial spaces infuse glamor into the lounge and adjacent spaces of this large residence with a soft touch.


#LV Wood

Amy lau interior design - commercial

A Unique use of reclaimed wood in a bespoke fashion but with touches of modernist furnishings and foliage.


Amy lau interior design - commercial

Amy Lau to Baccarat’s transformed the grand parlor of the Academy Mansion with different pieces into a display of elegance.


#Kips Bay Showhouse

Amy lau interior design - installation

The Kips Bay Showhouse, has a perfect and unique flowering cascade of magnolias were individually handmade.

Amy lau interior design - installation

Here we can discover places with artisan collaborations but also places with colors, unique and original pieces.

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