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Natron Wall Lamp

Natron / Wall

Inspired by Lake Natron’s rare red color, Creativemary designers have created the Natron Wall Lamp, a modern golden lighting piece that will give the perfect mood lighting for every moment.

This modern suspension lamp is part of the Nature Collection


width-depth-height40.5 cm – 15.9″  W

width-depth-height26 cm – 10.2″  D

width-depth-height62 cm – 24.4″  H


G9 x 6

40 W

Material Information

Brass Body With Glass Shade

Natron Wall Lamp
Natron Wall Lamp

Design Inspiration

The Lake Natron’s rare red color makes it a very unique and beautiful destination in Tanzania. The color varies from orange to red, to pink and is produced by bacteria and other microorganisms. Being a habitat for flamingos, this peculiar lake was the inspiration for our Natron wall lamp. The Natron modern wall lamp features two round shades in artisanal fuchsia glass involved in a hammered brass structure.





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