Meet the 10 Modern Pendant Lights

Would you like to meet the modern pendant lights? Great! Today we gonna show the most trending Pendant Lights. This post is perfect we are looking for some inspiration or ideas for re-decorate your home.

  • Vita Eos feather pendant light
    Modern Pendant Lights

  • Shard Pendant

    Modern Pendant Lights

    Inspired by the pyramid that stands at the southern terminus of London Bridge, intentionally designed to stand out against the London skyline, Creativemary designers created this modern pendant lamp.

  • Flos Tatou S pendant light

    Modern Pendant Lights

    Tatou is French for armadillo: the mammal famous for its structure made up of plates of bone covered with a protective layer of horn. The Tatou S was designed by Patricia Urquiola.

  • Shell Pendant

    Modern Pendant Lights
    Creativemary designers created this contemporary lamp, always with a minimalistic design in mind. It was inspired by our feeling towards unitedness in times of unsettlement and war around the world.

  • Etch minipendant by Tom Dixon

    The classic Etch pendant, but miniaturised and given a new Satin Nickel silver finish that enhances sculptural form with reflectivity. Presented in gift-worthy packaging. Also available in black and brass.

  • Evoluon Pendant

Modern Pendant Lights

Designed to be part the Cosmo Collection by Creativemary. This contemporary pendant lamp was inspired by the oval-shaped building, located in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

  • Superpose Pendant Lamp

Modern Pendant Lights

Designed by FREDERIK KURZWEG DESIGN STUDIO, the most curious about this pendant lamp is the sculptural appearance that changes with the viewer‘s position.

  • Mandevilla I Pendant

Modern Pendant Lights

This pendant lamp remembers the Mandevilla flower, although it is discrete during the daytime it’s a fully blossomed jewel in the dark.

  •  Cape pendant light

Modern Pendant Lights

 This luxury pendant lamp combining brass with matted glass was designed by architectural firm Viewport Studio.

  • Black Widow Pendant

Modern Pendant Lights

Inspired by the heartless predator, this modern lamp combines gold plated with lacquered glass. With an extreme elegance, this contemporary pendant lamp will be perfect at your living room.


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