Incredible Contemporary Chandeliers to Luxury Hospitality Projects

Since humanity discovered the joys of traveling, hotels became a must in the world. But not just for sleep. It became about comfort, feeling good, allowing the guests to have a different experience from their daily lives.

We can say that building a hotel turned into an art, and decoration takes a serious role on it.

It’s all about the right furniture, the right colors, the right placement of things… and of course, the perfect lighting, so we can appreciate all this things. In this particular article, we’ll be talking about contemporary chandeliers, one of the most luxurious ways of introducing a lighting system into any place.


Chandeliers were considered the symbol of royalty and status, placed in the homes of the wealthy in medieval times. As time gone by, this art pieces were forgotten and replaced by electric light and light bulbs.

Now, in an age where art, technology and finesse meet, expert handcrafters put their hands to work, to create the most amazing pieces that we can witness.

Applied to luxury hotels all over the world, chandeliers became a way of making the great halls a warm and great welcoming place to guests.



Chandeliers used to be crafted in a quite simple shape. Mostly in cast metals but also in carved and gilded wood. Chandeliers made in this style also drew heavily on the aesthetic of ancient Greece and Rome.

Nevertheless the theme of the hotel, lighting will always have an important role. And this kind of pieces will for sure guarantee a bold look into the hotel’s ambience.

Incredible Contemporary Chandeliers

Adapted to modern age and used in tons of luxury hotels, they can be quite simple, giving a fine and clean look to the rooms, surprising even the more delicate eyes. Or you can always choose to maintain tradition and use more antique pieces, making your guests feels like part of a royal family.

Incredible Contemporary Chandeliers

They can help creating the right mood, whether you’re going for a more contemporary décor or in an opposite way. There’s always a choice to your type of style. Light is most of times the key to make your whole decoration and ambience stand out.

Incredible Contemporary Chandeliers

Visual memory has a great impact in our daily lives, especially when we want to recall the best memories of the best hospitality places we’ve been at. And there’s no way one will forget the lust, richness and personality of well thought and dedicated décor.



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