Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress

The world of lighting Design is in full swing in Milan with the quality and diversity presented both by the most renowned brands as the new studios that present themselves at Euroluce. Every day, our exclusive lighting parts call the attention of visitors by your grandeur but also by the quality of their materials and we want to talk to you a little bit of Creativemary’s high-quality finishes.

Our expert production is one of the few in Europe that still combines glass and metal work craftsmanship. All collections can be defined by the selection of refined materials, such as high-quality fabrics, brass, copper, gold, silver and blown glass lamps but today we will talk about what has called more attention at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2017: Creativemary’s Brass to Impress.

We gave you to meet some of the inspirations of Creativemary for the creation of our exclusive artisanal lamps. One of the most resistant materials which maintain the shape and brightness from day one is Brass. The similarity with gold makes it a material of excellence and as specialists in this raw material we produce exquisite and luxurious lamps to complete your interior lighting projects. Here is our TOP 7 of the hottest lamps at the Creativemary stand in Euroluce!


Evoluon Pendant

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress1

The oval shaped building, Evoluon is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and was built in 1966 by the company Philips. The former science museum of Eindhoven is now a conference center and is considered a main landmark in the city, based in this revolutionary building, Evoluon contemporary pendant lamp is accompanied by a top plate made of copper and a brushed nickel spherical semi-orb placed right under. The end result is that of an UFO having its light radiating in the middle of the structure creating a spherical light that will make your modern living room a sophisticated and warm place to be.


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Fo Tan Wall Lamp

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress2

Inspired in the meaning of the Chinese word “Old Fire”, Creativemary created Fo Tan contemporary wall lamp, an assortment of gold plated brass, glossy and matte lacquered elements. With a few golden details, some elements of the Fo Tan wall lamp works like a mirror where the light will shine warmth into your private and modern home décor.




Beetle Wall Lamp

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress3

With the natural power to reinvigorate the body, soul and mind, Beetle contemporary wall lamp belongs to placid and clean interior design spaces. Beetle contemporary wall lamp’s structure is designed in gold finished brass with a customize-able lacquered aluminum shade.


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Nagoya Suspension Lamp

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress4

The spiral shape of this imposing building, The Mode Gakuen spiral towers, is the motto for the Nagoya suspension lamp. The mid-century modern suspension lamp features a polished brass structure blended with some aged brass accents. Nagoya suspension lamp is an appealing modern lighting piece which shape will be the focus point in any contemporary home décor.




Defrost Table Lamp

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress5

Defrost modern table lamp emits an ice-breaking energy, when the eyes turn to admire the harshness of the glass akin to an arctic ice layer giving in. Don’t be fooled by the icy appearance, the Defrost modern table lamp, handcrafted with glass, brass and fabric, brings to any luxury living space the sensation of warmth and sets the mood for a contemplation of life’s pleasures.


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Granville Wall Lamp

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress6

Granville modern wall lamp borrows the dramatic spirit of the island and the skyline of Vancouver to create a grandiose light fixture, perfect for modern interiors. The contemporary wall lamp features tubes in gold plated brass and nickel, involved by a black lacquered brass ribbon.




Octus Suspension Lamp

Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 Creativemary’s Brass to Impress7

Creativemary developed Octus modern suspension lamp inspired by the symmetry of the octopus arms. The Octus suspension lamp features 24 polished brass arms, creating the shape of several tentacles. This imposing, memorable and modern suspension lamp will shine bright in any contemporary living space.

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