The Best Light Color For Decoration

Which is the best light color for your home decor. The explosion of LED lights has come with a huge variety of colors and shapes. Those times when you turn on the lights and seemed like it was too much intensity. Nowadays you can do that, there’re many technologies, that some houses have, you can control all lights in the house just using your mobile. Some of the settings are to turn on or off, to change the intensity, even the color known as RGB. It’s possible to do many things with this new tech.

Something that you may not have thought about it, some of LED lights are made to stay in the rain. Why? It was noticed the need to decorate the garden. Decorating the tree in front of your home with green color, gives a special sensation. Do you have a pool outside? Yes! It can be even more attractive.

These lights have become so used, not just because of quality, but they use less energy and it’s Eco-friendly.Inside decoration, it’s more important, where needs to be cozy and relaxing. And in your office, where need to have a perfect combination. Need to decide if put cool white and have a clearer ambiance or warm white and have a little bit more comfortable. Then you think people at work need to be focused  and not stressful, it’s important for you.

And now come the question, where will I use these lamps? We at CreativeMary have the answer for you. Our best collection of lighting is very artistic and thoughtful.

Beijing chandelier is a grandiose modern lighting piece which features laminated and lacquered crystal shade, is involved by a gold plated brass asymmetric structure. This contemporary chandelier is a seductive lighting piece, perfectly suitable to any luxury interior decor.












Where the metal enclosure radiates and permeates through the glass tops, allowing the light to glow through a million layers and onto a magical interior.












This contemporary floor lamp is an assortment of polished brass combined with a stunning Negro Marquina marble base and also has a few golden details.  It’s the perfect piece for your contemporary living room.












Our partner has as well. Meet Porus Studio.


White House modern suspension lamp features a long Negro Marquina marble tube holding 4 geometric brushed brass shades in different sizes. The White House contemporary lighting piece is a different, yet stylish way to decorate any modern living space.





And Christopher Guy.


This elegant wooden stem table lamp with brass base and top was created by Christopher












Therefore, we offer more than this. What is it? Satisfaction. Your entire house decorated and everything looks perfect. Go and check out all our products and services. We are here to give you the solution.


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