2017 Christmas Decoration Trends

Christmas Decoration ? Do you think is soon? Not really. Only one month left for Christmas starts and we want help you with your home decor.

Christmas is for many people the most special event. Because family is together, the children are happier than ever and everyone is more kind.  So we gonna leave here some suggestions for your home.

  • Go Vintage

In this Christmas make use of your favourite antiques by styling them for the Holiday Christmas.

Don’t worry about how much time your details have. With a good combination, it will give a vintage look to your home décor.













  •  Focus on the table

Dining Table is the most important piece of your Christmas dinner. Because it’s where everyone gonna seat, so next year your family will remember how you decorate your dining table. Feel free to deviate from the standard red-and-green.

We leave here a beautiful and clean suggestion for your Christmas Dining Table décor.













  • Improvise earthy napkin rings

Don’t go to the shop buy napkin rings, make yourself it. For sure, your family will see how dedicated you are if you do it.


You don’t only save money but for sure it will look better.













  • Make creative deserts

Christmas is not only time to do deserts, it’s also time to see where your creativity take you.

If you have children in your family, for sure they’ll love your creative deserts.











  • Use candles as Centerpiece

Using candles as center piece is one of the most special ways for using it in Christmas dinner.

Candles give a cosy appearance to your table and your family will love it.









What’s your opinion about Christmas Decoration Trends for 2017? We are totally in love with all of them so that if you want to keep inspired stay tuned to our blog. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. Share with us your opinion and stay tuned for more Christmas Decoration news!



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